NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants

Year Student

Grant Title

1999 Hopi Hoekstra Evolution and maintenance of XY females in natural populations of South American field mice (genus Akodon)
2003 Hollie Walsh Population Genetics of Black-footed Albatrosses using SNPs: Implications for Regional Differentiation, Mate Choice, and Species Conservation (NSF 0309076)
2009 June Lee Molecular Evolution of Reproductive Genes in Australian Fairy Wrens (Maluridae) (DEB 0909897)
2011 Maude Baldwin Function and Evolution of Sweet Taste Receptors in Birds (IOS 1111487)
2013 Shane Campbell-Staton Temperature-Dependent Biogeography and Limits of Thermal Tolerance in Anolis carolinensis
2015 Allison Shultz Genomic signatures of pathogen-mediated selection in diachronic populations of the House Finch