Major Grants

2021 – 2025 NIH 1R01HG011485-01 - Statistical and high-throughput models of enhancer function and evolution, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health.  $2,246,451 total funds. Lead PI: Edwards. Co-PIs: Jun Liu, Tim Sackton, Emma Farley, Cliff Tabin.
2019 – present Australian National University Seed Funds, “Evolutionary responses to environmental change: comparative genomics and indigenous perspectives”, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. $30,000 AUD. PI: Craig Moritz.
2019 – present “Impacts of Desertification on Vertebrate Biodiversity in Northwest China”, Harvard Global Institute, Harvard University. $98,045.
2018 – 2023

NSF DEB-1831560 – Dimensions US-BIOTA-São Paulo: Collaborative Proposal: "Traits as

predictors of adaptive diversification along the Brazilian Dry Diagonal", $1,994,393 total funds; $419,334 to Harvard.

2016 – 2018 Lemann Brazil Research Fund at Harvard University – "Prioritizing biodiversity of birds and butterflies in Cerrado habitats of Brazil using geographic and phylogenetic information systems", $147,000. Co-PIs: N. Pierce  & C. Miyaki (Instituto de Biociências, Universidade de São Paulo).
2014 – 2017 NSF DEB 1355343/1355292 - Collaborative Research: "Phylogenomics of palaeognathous birds and the genomic basis of flightlessness". $950,000 total; $600,000 to Harvard. PI Edwards, Julia Clarke; co-PI Michele Clamp.
2013 – 2017 NSF IOS-1258784 - Collaborative Research: "A New Model For Chemical Ecology: Integrating Chemistry, Genetics and Behavior to Understand the Role of Individual Scent in a Colonial Nesting Seabird", $270,000. Lead PI, Gabrielle Nevitt (UC Davis)
2009 – 2012 NSF IOS-0922640 - Collaborative research: "Molecular mechanisms of scent mediated self / non-self recognition in a pelagic seabird", $270,000. Co-PI: Gabrielle Nevitt (UC Davis)
2009 – 2012 NSF IOS - 0923088 - Collaborative Research: "Plumage redness and good genes in the House Finch", $300,000.  PI: Geoff Hill (Auburn University)
2009 William F. Milton Fund, Harvard University "A Transcriptome Resource for Genomic Studies of Host-Parasite Interactions and Avian Infectious Disease" $35,000.
2008 – 2012 NSF DEB-0826811 URM (Undergraduate Research & Mentoring): Undergraduate Diversity at SSE/SBB, $67,500.
2008 – 2011 NSF DEB 0743616 - Collaborative Research: "Estimating Species Trees from Multilocus DNA Sequence Data", $450,000. Co-PI: Dennis Pearl.
2008 – 2011 NSF - MCB - 0817687 Collaborative Research: "Evolution of Sex Chromosomes in Turtles", $205,000. PI: Nicole Valenzuela (Iowa State University), Co-PI: Edwards.
2008 – 2010 NSF DEB-0815705 - Collaborative Research: "Multilocus Comparative Phylogeography of Pine-Oak Woodland Birds in North America", $143,000. PI: Garth Spellman (Black Hill State University), Co-PIs: John Klicka and Scott Edwards.
2007 – 2010 NSF 0646400 "Computerization of the Ornithology Collections at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University", $479,656.
2002 – 2006 NSF 0207870 BAC Libraries for the Reptilia, Including Birds: "Genomic Resources for Comparative Biology", $1,095,531. PI: Edwards; Co-PIs: C. Amemiya, J. R. Macey.
2002 – 2006 NSF DEB-0227714 UMEB (Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology): "Undergraduate Diversity at the Society for the Study of Evolution and the Society of Systematic Biologists" , $60,000. Co-PI: E. Zimmer.
2001 – 2005 NSF DEB-0108249 - "Multilocus Tests of Speciation Models and Comparative Phylogeography of Australian Birds", $375,000. Co-PI: P. Beerli.