Major Grants

LEMANN BRAZIL RESEARCH FUND, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. "Prioritizing biodiversity of birds and butterflies in cerrado habitats of Brazil using geographic and phylogenetic information systems” (collaborative grant with Naomi Pierce (OEB) and Cris Miyaki (Instituto de Biociências, Universidade de São Paulo); $147,000

2014-2017 NSF DEB 1355343/1355292 - Collaborative Research: Phylogenomics of palaeognathous birds and the genomic basis of flightlessness; PI Edwards, Julia Clarke; co-PI Michele Clamp ($950,000 total; $600,000 to Harvard)

2013-2017 NSF IOS-1258784 - Collaborative Research: A New Model For Chemical Ecology: Integrating Chemistry, Genetics and Behavior to Understand the Role of Individual Scent in a Colonial Nesting Seabird (Lead PI, Gabrielle Nevitt, UC Davis) $270,000

2009-2012 NSF IOS-0922640 - Collaborative research: Molecular mechanisms of scent mediated self / non-self recognition in a pelagic seabird (PI, Gabrielle Nevitt, UC Davis) $270,000

2009-2012 NSF IOS - 0923088 - Collaborative Research: Plumage redness and good genes in the House Finch - (PI, Geoff Hill, Auburn University) $300,000

2009-2012 NSF - MCB - 0817687: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Evolution of Sex Chromosomes in Turtles. (PI, Nicole Valenzuela, Iowa State University; Edwards, co-PI) $205,000

2008-2011 NSF DEB 0743616 "COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Estimating Species Trees from Multilocus DNA Sequence Data" (co-PI, Dennis Pearl) $450,000

2007-2010 NSF 0646400 "Computerization of the Ornithology Collections at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University" ($479,656)

2008-2012 NSF DEB-0826811 (URM - Undergraduate Research & Mentoring): Undergraduate Diversity at SSE/SBB 2008-2012 ($67,500)

2009 William F. Milton Fund, Harvard University "A Transcriptome Resource for Genomic Studies of Host-Parasite Interactions and Avian Infectious Disease" $35,000

2008-2010 NSF DEB-0815705 - Collaborative Research: Multilocus Comparative Phylogeography of Pine-Oak Woodland Birds in North America (PI, Garth Spellman, Black Hill State University; co-PIs, John Klicka, and Scott Edwards) $143,000

2001 - 2005 NSF DEB-0108249 - Multilocus Tests of Speciation Models and Comparative Phylogeography of Australian Birds (P. Beerli co-PI; 4 yrs., ; $375,000)

2002 - 2006 BAC Libraries for the Reptilia, Including Birds: Genomic Resources for Comparative Biology (NSF 0207870; Edwards, PI; C. Amemiya, J. R. Macey, co-PIs; 3 yrs.; $1,095,539)

2002 - 2006 NSF UMEB (Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology): Undergraduate Diversity at the Society for the Study of Evolution and the Society of Systematic Biologists. NSF, DEB-0227714, 4 yrs., $60,000; E. Zimmer, co-PI)