Eamon Corbett

Eamon Corbett

Laboratory Assistant

Education and Research Interests


I am working in the Edwards Lab on a project studying the phylogeography of the Rufous-fronted Thornbird (Phacellodomus rufifrons), a South American suboscine bird. I graduated from Harvard College in May 2017, and this work is a continuation of the research that I did for my senior thesis, during which Dr. Edwards was my advisor.


I am broadly interested in avian biogeography, speciation, and conservation, with a recent specific focus on the biogeography of South American dry forest bird species.  My project uses the case of the thornbird to examine the history of the Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (SDTF) biome on the continent. I will be doing mtDNA and RADseq analysis of P. rufifrons samples from disconnected patches of SDTF across the continent, as well utilizing species distribution modeling to reconstruct its present and past range.